Sunday, January 12, 2014

New York City Excursion

A short prologue:

I had just found out about my thyroid cancer shortly before taking a bus trip in 2011 to New York City.
The first consultation appointment was made at Cleveland Clinic with a specialist but I had not seen anyone yet. I did not know the extent or involvement at this time. All the very important details were unknown. 
So, needless to say, I owned a mysterious and burdensome dark shadow over me during this excursion.  

In a previous post on Nov 15, 2013, I mentioned epic emotions. I had experienced a few during this trip. I would like to share a couple of those moments with you...

While I was sitting on the bus beside my then 80 yr. old father, I remember watching him breath as he slept. 
How he must feel to have lived such a long blessed life! Then I got to wondering, will I live a long blessed life just like he has?

(By the way, I'm thinkin he looks pretty darn good for his age!!)

New York City Lights

I also remember amazingly gazing at all the sights and lights of the city, trying to soak it ALL up!
I wanted so desperately to keep every bit of detail of the city in my memory, forever and ever!


These are some what better camera shots of a couple of the layouts I created from that trip...

I fussy cut the chalkboard paper and stars. Don't know the name of the paper, as it was given to me by my niece, Shawna, along with a box full of other scrapbooking goodies! Shawna has got some artistic talent of her own but I'll leave that for another post!
The title was cut from Martha Stewart Alphabet punches. I added actual ticket stubs! Pink Paislee Artisan Chipboard arrows were added also. 

I like the stitching around the border. I need to make use of my sewing machine more often!


I love the puffy gold star banner and the 12x12 paper, die cut to look like a stamp! And of course you know me, can't remember any of the ingredients. I do know the border punch is from Martha Stewart.

I cannot get the hang of taking photos of scrapbooking pages. 
I have tried and tried to get photos of some of my older layouts to look half ways decent and at least presentable. 
They look all warped and cockeyed! Plus the lighting is not even around the whole layout. 
I am definitely doing something wrong, GRRR!!

Well,that's another story from my heart for now.
Hope you will come back soon to visit me again! 

Happy Crafting!

aka The Rebel Blogger


  1. Your layouts are terrific, I love all the detail you include on them!!

  2. Oh and I know, I have a terrible time photographing layouts, too....yours look good though, don't worry!!! ;)

    1. Thanks Missy....every bit of encouragement helps this amateur feel more confident!!


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