Sunday, November 16, 2014

Happy Mail From The UK ~ A Handmade Journal!

Greetings folks and welcome back!
Have you all been creating art to your heart's content?

I am so overjoyed and so excited at the happy mail I received on Friday from +Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith who lives in the UK! 

She created a handmade journal book for me!
It is so amazing, and beautiful!

I hope these photos of her creation do it justice...the colors, textures and patterns of her Gelli prints and papers are something to behold!

A Handmade Journal by Cindy's Paper Creation
I am still in awe at the beautiful work and time Zsuzsa put into her creation!

Check out Zsuzsa's tutorial on her Gelli print paper beads!

Packed full of awesomeness and goodies!!

I decided to make a video of the unwrapping.
And so you can see the inside of her creation too!

This will be my first video, so please be kind!
As you will hear, I was so overwhelmed that I did a lot of gasping, oohhs, and aahhs and repeating myself!  LOL

Sorry for the unfocused part, don't know why that happened.

So absolutely no staging here...

I know Zsuzsa wrote that she hopes I can make use of her creation, but....

I am not so sure I can bring myself to write in the journal, to cut up or partially cover up her Gelli prints and the transfer creations, and remove all the other goodies from their place.

I want to remember, what and where she placed every little detail.
Am I wrong for thinking I want to keep this just the way she sent it?

Oh boy...such a dilemma I put on myself! 

Thank you so much Zsuzsa!

I will treasure your gift always!

TTFN and keep on creating your life!
aka The Rebel Blogger


  1. You're so lovely, Cindy, you really are! I understand your dilemma, but I do hope that one day you will use the journal and the goodies inside to create something amazing. Thank you for making the videos - you've got your first subscriber!

    1. Hooray, my 1st YT subscriber!!

      Yep, I just have to ooh and ahh over your journal for sometime ( like a couple of years!!) then I will probably make use of it and all the goodies!!

  2. Cindy, I LOVE your enthusiasm over your gift from Zsuzsa!!!! I was so excited for you that I actually cried over it! I just think is was such a lovely touching gift and I hope you do use it, because that would bring JOY to Zsuzsa, and also the rest of us who got to see your creations. hugs, Patty

    1. Thank you Patty!
      That enthusiasm was my repetitiousness, I could not get the words out!!
      In thinking of your are so right about bringing JOY to Zsuzsa, I do owe her that much.

  3. This is awesome! Cindy, you do deserve this; and Zsuzsa spectacular job.

    1. Thank you Nanette!
      I am still not so sure I am deserving of the time/love she put into such a project like this.
      But you better believe that I am truly grateful and honored!

  4. Cindy, Zsuzsa's gelli prints are so great, I didn't know that she makes such a bounds out of it, lovely! And it would be exciting to see you writing on creating in it, than it would be a sort of cooperation :-)

    1. Ruth, I agree with you, her Gelli prints are awesome.
      Not only the sight of the colors and depth of her creations But the only way to experience the texture of the papers is by the touch of your fingers!
      Cooperation...hummm. Never thought of that, that way.You gave me something more to think about.

  5. Wow what a great mail day today! I can tell you were so touched by the gift from Zsuzsa, it was awesome. Enjoy the gift and do use it to create more beauty in the world :)

    1. Thank you, Shel for visiting and for your kind comment.
      To create more beauty in the world...more for me to think about!!

  6. Well, POOPie! I wrote a long comment and it distappeRed! Wicki is GREEN with envy! Don't know if I like the hidden bags and envelopes or the English papers...or the precision page shapes! Just WOW!

    1. Hello there Vicki and thanks for stopping by and commenting.
      Yep, I know what you mean! The journal is ALL WOW!!!!!

  7. Cindy congrats! The journal is gorgeous and you are well deserved to receive it, I'm sure.
    Zsuzsa, you did a fantastic job on creating this piece of heARTwork. it's just incredible and beautiful each and every page.

    1. Thank you Maria!
      The journal is a fantastic piece of heART work, you could not of said it any better!!

  8. What an awesome gift Cindy, the journal is fabulous.

    Hugs Diane

    1. A gift to treasure always!
      Thanks for coming back to visit Diane!


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