Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Findings

Happy Friday to youns! 
Hope this day finds you well!

To those that do not know why I say youns instead of you all... 
It is part of the Pittsburgh English also known as Pittsburghese. 
Just thought youns would like a little bit of something about where I live!! 

Well, I really need to take some time to clean my craft space. 
I am so ashamed of myself, if you could see my craft table you would be appalled.
There is absolutely not one inch of space to create, and that's no lie, I am dead serious!!

Let me tell a little story behind why it is in such array...
I have an desk organizer I created that was sitting on my craft table, chock full of goodies.
Well, I emptied the whole organizer out onto my craft table to take photos of it. 
And then, that's when my camera decided to quit on me.
So now my table is a total disaster and  I have no camera!  :(

But my camera is on its way to be fixed or replaced.
Fujifilm customer service was awesome! 
They asked no questions and gave me no hassles! 
Which is how it should be when something is still in warranty.

I am feeling like a lost puppy without my camera {me > whine, whine, whine}!!

I am 'The Rebel Blogger', and here is another reason why...
I have no photos, or shall I say no photos of my past creations that I am not willing to share. 
Whether it be the creation itself or my photo taking skills of that creation. 
I guess I give up to easily when my photos do not turn out like I want.

My next thought was posting other crafters' photos of their creations but I am not familiar with the sharing protocol of photos from the Internet and other bloggers, even after giving credit where credit is due and linking.
Would anyone like to give me their knowledge of this, it would be so appreciated!!

I do have a lot of photos that my thirteen-year-old granddaughter captured. 
I would like to share just four of them with you in the meantime! 

"The Man in the Tree" carving by
I call this carving "The Man in the Tree"
We found him on one of our nature walks.

Nico acting goofy pic by
My 4 year old grandson acting goofy for the camera! 

Frog Rock by
"Frog Rock"
This rock is in the middle of Tionesta Creek in the Allegheny Mountains of northern Pennsylvania.
Someone many, many, many years ago had painted it to look like a monster!
And all through the years people have kept up with painting it.
This is a beautiful, quiet spot to just sit and enjoy nature, which happens to 
be close to our camp.

Fresh Free Range Eggs by
Just a photo of our neighbor's fresh chicken eggs.
Love, love, love them!

Till next time, a little quote for the day...
"A day without laughter is a day wasted" 
~ Charlie Chaplin

Have a crafty weekend!

x's & o's
aka The Rebel Blogger


  1. I love your blog posts, Cindy, they're always so entertaining to read! I'm glad to hear that your camera will be repaired soon! I'm confused about the copyright requirements too, regarding other people's photos, so I can't help you there. I know some people don't even allow pinning from their website, which brings up the question, if they don't want to share why put it on the Internet?

    1. Thank you so much Zsuzsa, your comments always inspire me to go on with my blog!
      I did not realize that some people did not allow pinning from their website. Excellent point about the sharing thing too!

  2. Cindy, I loved all your pics!!!! Fantastic!!! hugs, Patty

    1. Thanks Patty, glad you enjoyed my granddaughters' photos!

  3. I adore your writing style - it just flows. This is my first time here and I am happy to add you to my reading list!!

    About copyright, it is best to NEVER use other people's photos. It is never enough to give them credit and even link back to them unless you have written permission to do so.

    Sadly, it is such an ugly mess you never want to get yourself into - even by accident.

    BUT - you can do so much with your own photos, even fun cropping to get some good interesting abstract pieces.
    I look forward to reading more. Thanks for sharing (I love the painted rock - quite unexpected)

    1. Glad you came to visit Heather.
      I just write whatever is on my mind, nothing special.
      About copyright...I figured as much but thanks for the info.
      Funny you mentioned this...but my granddaughter did take some awesome abstract photos that don't even need cropping!

    2. I wonder what the copyright requirements are regarding videos. I regularly embed other people's videos in my blog posts. If fact, YouTube has this sharing function available. It never occurred to me that I should ask for the producer's permission to display their videos on my blog.

    3. If you find out what the requirements are, let me know too.

  4. Outstanding pictures Cindy.

    Hugs diane


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