Saturday, January 4, 2014

My Tiny Craft Space

Welcome 2014! Did you make a New Years resolution?
No resolutions for me, I can't keep them!

With all the new and exciting products out there, it is difficult to keep my supplies to a minimum because of limited space.
So,  with that being said, I thought I would share my tiny crafting space, and yes, I said SPACE!! I do not have a whole room for crafting.

Our home is small, but quite cozy. Only one bedroom on the main level. The second floor is one whole room, which used to be my daughters bedroom years ago. The ceiling slants half way on both sides, which makes it impossible to hang anything.

My crafting space and computer desk is on one side of the room, the other side does have a small desk that my sewing machine sits on. The rest of the room is occupied with stuff.  
Someday I would like to move to the basement, but it is used as a weight room for hubby! I guess he needs his space too!  ;) 

Please be aware that I have been having tons of fun creating lately and my space is a total disaster!! When the mojo kicks in, I go and go, can't stop to take the time to clean!! I am usually working on 2-3 projects at a time. 

I can assure you, the rest of my home is in some type of order...nothing nearly this messy! 

So here I am.....

a tiny craft space
At least my 15 year old cat, Chloe doesn't mind the constructive clutter!
She takes over my computer chair, will not move for nothing! I have to sit at the very end of the seat!

Those colorful of my first buys, many years ago. I just can't seem to part with them!

Not all this stuff (in my space! LOL) is just mine. See the box and packing styrofoam.

Scrapes of tiny paper everywhere on the floor, even found some downstairs!

Currently, the actual work area looks to be about 12 inches, if I push some things to the side!
I still can see some space to create!!

Believe it or not, my space was clean and organized around 3 weeks ago! 

I should of taken photos then but it would of been boring, don't you agree?


Here is my dream room....

Craft room

I would have no problems making this work! 

Hey...a girl can dream, right?

Happy Crafting!  

aka The Rebel Blogger


  1. Your crafty space looks terrific to me! I love all the color you have in it....your paper, the shelving units, etc!!

  2. It looks pretty good to me! At least everything is within reach!

    1. Actually I moved everything around since this post.
      I am thinking maybe I should update!


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