Thursday, January 16, 2014

Coupon Organizer with Note Pad

Ask and you shall receive...I was on a mission!

My daughter Christina (aka Chrissy!) had recently started couponing and needed an organizer. She asked if I could make her something to hold the coupons. 

This organizers' convenient size makes an easy fit for almost any purse. 

We girls all know how purses can be.
Some of us have the habit of filling them to the brim and eventually all smaller items end up at the bottom! 
Then to look for what we need, we push and shove, move stuff this way and that! 
Pretty soon stuff is thrown around, inside and outside of our purses!!
I guess I shouldn't call it STUFF, because we all know it is NOT stuff! 
EVERYTHING in our purse is vital and essential for day to day living! Right girls?

Henceforth, the organizer was not embellished and decorated for assuredly they would of gotten damaged or worse, fallen off. 

The YouTube tutorial for this fun project came from

Laura Denison's ~ Follow The Paper Trail
She is another one of the many amazing paper crafters I love!

The paper collection used is DCWV ~ The Guy Stack. 
Chrissy is not a girlie girl so I thought this was a perfect choice for her! Her favorite color is purple, but I did not have enough of a pattern variety in heavier paper.

Guess what I just put on my want list? Good gracious...that list is getting longer by the day!!

chipboard coupon organizer
   You can not see but this paper collection has texture and shine!

 I incorporated tyvek in between the two papers of  the closure tab to help with durability.

 The organizer opens and closes easily with Velcro's low profile fastener.

    This paper pad is from Dollar General, $1.00 cheap to refill!!

Kinda plain looking for me, but it is what it organizer that was well received and will serve it's purpose! 

Till next time...Happy Crafting!


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