Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Craft Challenged Husband Tag Story

A couple of days ago I was on Youtube looking at video responses to crafty chica87's 'The Craft Challenged Husband/Boyfriend Tag'
Avid crafters were interviewing their spouses/boyfriend about crafting. The men gave some hilarious answers...too funny!

There was a list of 20 questions. Some examples...
How often do I craft?
How often do I craft shop?
Who is Tim Holtz?
What is an ATG gun?
Would you ever craft with me?
What do you think of my crafty mess?

Now, what is so coincidental,
is question #13...
Where is the strangest place you have found glitter?

 It's not glitter...but an embellishment my husband found in the clothes dryer TODAY!!
 He called me to the basement to show me, I started laughing immediately, thinking of question #13 !!

Hope you enjoyed my little story!

aka The Rebel Blogger

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