Saturday, June 28, 2014

Time To Bake With My Little Helper!

Howdy folks!

Here is a little story about this scrapbooking layout...

Every single time my grandson came to visit this past winter he continually pestered me to make cookies.

Finally one day I decided to make some delicious, old fashioned, chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies with him. 

He was so excited and a big help at mixing but his interest waned real quick with the baking part. 
Which meant I was left behind to finish while he was in another room playing.

He soon returned to the kitchen, only to gobble up those freshly baked cookies!

The cookie making process starts at the top right of the page with Cookies Made from Scratch, continues on down the layout, and finishes at the bottom.

I have to admit, they were definitely yummy to the tummy!!

Happy Crafting! 
x's & o's
aka The Rebel Blogger

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