Monday, May 12, 2014

Once Upon A Time

Another Mother's Day has come and gone without my mother and the bittersweet longing has not become any easier. 

I haven't heard her voice in 8 years. 

We spoke to each other almost everyday. What I wouldn't give to hear her voice, calling me on the phone just to chat.

Like many motherless daughters, I talk to my mom occasionally, just not the way people with living moms do.

I call on her in difficult times and ask her to be with me.

There are still occasions, all these years later, when I think -for just a split second- "I need to tell mom that."

I sometimes think I smell her White Shoulders perfume.

I was truly lucky to have a great mom, she was my best friend.

Mothers who have passed on deserve as much recognition on Mother's Day as those who are living. 

For many of us who have lost our mother, Mother's Day and in the days leading up to it can be difficult.

The bombarding of commercials and the card displays in stores are everywhere and is a glaring reminder of our loss.
To most though, it brings joyful memories of laughter and love.

For me, Mother's Day is still about my mom, and honoring her.

I try to visit her grave site once every couple of months. 
But every Mother's Day since her passing, I like to think I make it an extra special visit and carry along some Spic and Span and water to clean her gravestone.

Also on this Mother's Day I decided to go through some of mom's old photos and create a scrapbook layout of her.

I chose a photo of her holding me. 

She had the date May 1957 written on the back, which made me about 2 months old. 

Scrapbooking Layout of Mom and Cindy

By the looks of the photo, I was not a happy camper, taking a fit about getting my picture taken back then and still fuss about it today.....I haven't changed!!

closeup of Scrapbooking Layout  Mom and Me
I love the soft colors and vintage look of Cosmo Cricket's Evangeline collection.

closeup of Scrapbooking Layout  Mom and Me
The flowers were fussy cut and attached with pop dots to add dimension.

closeup of flowers Scrapbooking Layout  Mom and Me
The 'corsage' is made of Prima Sugar Bloom Sparkling and Prima Coventry Rose Printery flowers. 
I added a leaf that I painted gold with hubby's can of spray paint. 
A delicate little string thing from my stash was intertwined (for the life of me I can not remember what it is's not ribbon or lace or twine, oh age is showing!!)

Mother's day is a special time to reflect what our mothers have done for us.
I hope we take that time to appreciate the sacrifices of our mothers, not just on Mother's Day but all year long.


Happy Crafting!

aka The Rebel Blogger

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  1. I Know exactly how you feel. Even though I got to spend time with Mel and Norm, it definitely made me sad that my mom wasn't here.


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