Sunday, June 2, 2013


My Purrrr-fect Special Kitty?!

I have heard of some very special dogs that are able to 'sense' and warn their human epileptic owners before a seizure is about to happen. 
I do believe that some animals have so much love, and a special bond with their owners that this 'sense' is real.

Chloe was not a real lovey, dovey cat once upon a time. 
She did not like to be held and favored being a loner. 
She would let you pet her on her terms only.

She would sleep with me occasionally, more so in the winter. 
And if she did...only by my legs or at the corner of the bed.

We noticed some gradual changes in her taking place in the fall of 2011, around the time I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in October of that same year. 

All of a sudden Chloe started to sleep by my head. 

If I sat down, there she was, on my lap! 
We could pet her without her getting that 'attitude' and taking off to be alone!
Her demeanor has improved greatly, especially these past few months! 

Today, she is no longer that same cat! 
Chloe is now my shadow!! 
She begs me for undivided attention by 'getting into my face', and sitting in front of the computer screen.

If it gets past 10 pm... she is meowing at me to go to bed!

She has this routine when I get into bed...first she is on my chest staring down at me, purring away, rubbing my face. 
I think she would let me rub her all night! 
Then...when I have had enough, she will lay on my pillow with her head on my neck. 
Still purring all the while. 
She now will not move for nothing! 

It is a rare occasion that I can get a good nights sleep without my shadow Chloe by my neck!

I created this layout of Chloe about a month ago. 
The picture of her face was taken a couple of years ago. 
For some reason (due to my lack of photographic skills!) her fur looks tan, but she is silky white!! 

Could Chloe be one of those special pets and have that 'sense' ? 
I'm thinking so!


Happy Crafting!

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