Sunday, June 16, 2013

Dad's Vintage Scrapbook

My father made a scrapbook 57 years ago, of his 'tour of duty' in the Air Force. 

He was stationed in Germany, and also visited Spain and Holland. He was around twenty five years of age at that time. 

His scrapbook consists of black and white photos, of course! 
The pages are all black cardstock and he wrote his memories in white ink. 

It's slightly worn on the edges...that distressed look we all impersonate!! The photos are surprisingly in good shape. 

He has told my siblings and me some very fond stories about his 'tour of duty' and what it was like to be there.
Dad had the opportunity to revisit Germany again in 2008, at the ripe age of 77! 

I am glad that he had that chance to rekindle some of those memories. 

I feel honored he had kept these memories and documented them to share with friends and family. 
I am quite sure not very many men scrapbooked in those days??!! 

I have his scrapbook tucked safely away in a box along with my mother's vintage scrapbooks too!
I will treasure them forever! 

For Father's Day, I am giving Dad this picture frame I created incorporating a photo that was at the very beginning of his scrapbook, and under it, are the words... 'The Author' in white ink! 

This gift will bring some of those memories back to him once again.

Graphic 45, French Country ~ patterned paper, stickers and chipboard

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