Sunday, October 26, 2014

Lost Mojo & Autumn Days 1989

Something had to give!!

I have lost my creative 'mojo'.

I sit at my crafting table and nothing happens!
As my husband jokingly says "it's all dead space up there!"

I don't even have the 'mojo' to pick up my camera and take photos of some of my creations that I created while my camera was gone. 

Here is my excuses for now....
#1 ~ Tom and I have been getting up really early two days a week and driving one and half hours to go fishing by Lake Erie.
It is not the sit and relax, watch the bobber kind of fishing. 
It is the cast and reel, cast and reel repeatedly kind of fishing!

Let me try to explain.
The big steelhead trout are coming in from the lake {literally by the hundreds} and running upstream in the nearby rivers. 
This event happens every year in the fall for only about 4 weeks. 
Fishermen and fisherwomen come from all over the United States for these mild tasting delicacies!

These big fish are loads of fun to catch and are a true mouth watering yumminess. 
Just fry them in some butter with a little black pepper and you think you have died and went to heaven! 
Some even say better than sex!!

#2 ~ I have been helping my daughter {who is moving}, clean and paint, which is making me more fatigued than I already am!

#3 ~ And then there is the trying to 'catch up' on the every day household things in between that need attention. 
You know the boring paying bills, washing clothes, et cetera.  
And oh my, the gazillion and one leaves that just keep on falling!

So now you know why something had to give and sorta took a back seat, I guess.

I am sure hoping the lost creative 'mojo' is only a temporary thing.

Here is a scrapbook page I created about a month and half ago. 
I did manage to take photos of it then but I was and I am still not pleased with the outcome of how the photos of the layout came out, even with some editing.
But what the heck, I say share it anyways!

My daughter was in 5th grade when this pic was taken, such a long, long time ago!!

I have loads of photos from years past that are not scrapbooked yet.
Which is no surprise for me! 
Tom and I took an awesome vacation 4 yrs ago and most of those photos are also STILL waiting to be scrapbooked!

And remember that organizer I mentioned that I was going to take photos of when my camera decided to quit on me? 

Well it is back on my craft table, and I have still not taken any photos of it since I got my camera back.
And I am so dang proud of it, it even has a drawer in it!

So, I have now managed to make myself feel kinda guilty with this post, you think it will be enough to get that creative 'mojo' back?
Then this thought also came to mind, a little trip to Michaels or Hobby Lobby or my local scrapbooking store just might be all the medicine I need!!

We shall see.....

x's & o's
aka The Rebel Blogger


  1. Oh Cindy, i do so hope that you mojo comes back to you quickly! I know it can be frustrating, but just try to do something, a little bit of something. Like you said, a good trip to J, M, HL or anywhere you can see lots of creative stuff. We have a Tuesday Morning pretty close, and when I can, I go and see what all I can find at great prices. If I happen to see your mojo running around down here, I'll send it home. Take care! hugs, Patty

  2. Thanks for your suggestions Patty and yes, if you do find my mojo please send it home real quick!!

  3. You can't force your mojo to come back, Cindy, but you can sure entice it! Watch crafting videos! That always does it for me! Or a bit of retail therapy, like you said! I do like this layout! The stitching is my favourite part! Your daughter looks cute! It's so nice remembering the old days! When your mojo comes back, you won't be able to stop, you'll see!

    1. Thanks Zsuzsa for the encouragement!
      I really do need to incorporate more stitching in my creations.


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