Monday, March 10, 2014

Think Spring and Bloom!

No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow. 
I keep repeating this Proverb to myself over and over.

I can't control mother nature but my body is so ready for a good warming and my heart is yearning for spring! 

The drab, dreary winter days always seem to drag on and on.

With the thought of warmer, breezy days ahead, so is the yearly chore of spring cleaning. 

Here are some cleaning tips that are quite helpful...

Organize chores into categories.
  1. Things you won't do now
  2. Things you won't do later
  3. Things you'll never do

I hope that helps, I know it did for me!  :)

Here is a 'springy' scrapbook page to get you in the warm weather mood!
I created this layout of my granddaughter last year. 

When I took photos of this, they turned out blurry so I gave up and 
I put the layout in it's album pocket and forgot all about it. I tried again recently...still not pleased with my lack of photo taking skills!! 
Well here it is anyways....

spring scrapbooking layout

The spring cleaning is half way done for me...for the record, I am now waiting on warm!

I kinda liked my organizational tips, don't you think it conveys positive inspiration? LOL 

Have you any spring cleaning ideas you would also like to share?

Happy crafting, happy spring cleaning
and remember - think spring!


aka The Rebel Blogger


  1. This is a super layout! I really like all the dimension & texture it has!


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