Sunday, November 3, 2013

Summer Days Gone By

It's been a summer of memories around my home.
Lazy, hazy summer days have gone by and now the brilliant fall foliage for us northerners is almost over! Thanksgiving will be upon us soon. And something to ponder...only 52 more days till Christmas! 

Mental funks happen to the best of us. But while getting stuck is inevitable, staying there isn't. 
Even though it hasn't been evident on my blog, I have spent a little time in my crafty space. My table is quite evident of my craftiness, if you can find it!! LOL 
I am currently still working on the grand recipe organizer ( it's a work in progress!) and also creating a coupon organizer. 
I guess you are not a true paper crafter, card maker, scrapbooker, unless you have more than one project going on at the same time! 

Below are just a few pictures of those summer days. 
Photos courtesy of my 12 yr old granddaughter, as I have been too lazy over the summer to take pics of my finished projects. (sigh) 

Just call me slacker :( 
Mental funk...begone!!(another sigh) 

The photos can be enlarged by clicking on them....

Beautiful Flowers In Our Back Yard


Nature Walks

Gazing at the Moon

Rides on the Harley

Coffee in the Morning

Homemade Wine in the Evening

A Broken Leg!

Enjoying the Warm Sun

July 4th

Home Sweet Home

Happy Crafting!

aka The Rebel Blogger

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