Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Perfect Mother...Not!

With Mother's Day upon us tomorrow, I was reminiscing, looking at old photographs of my son and daughter when they were younger (so many pics still need to be created into layouts and put into albums!)
Here is a couple of pages I created in my earlier scrapbooking days...

CHRISTINA RENEE - my daughter

 CARL WAYNE  II - my son

As I look back on my years of motherhood, I have many regrets and many situations that I would like to do over. 
I was not always sensitive and understanding. I sometimes had forgotten that you were children, just that...children. 
I had been a screaming idiot, and I have handed out a silent treatment or two. 
I have not always been the 'Best of Moms' or anyways near it. 
But through it all, I did the best that I knew how to do at the time. 
I've learned how to let go of the guilt that I've carried for messing things up sometimes and not becoming the 'Mom' that I had aspired to be. 
It may have been a messy journey, but I know in my heart I did something right, somewhere, sometime. 


aka The Rebel Blogger


  1. You are crazy. I have issues, yes. We ALL do. We ALL have childhoods. I have another sense most do not tap in to. I now can put myself in your place. You were young.
    And LISTEN... I was a little prick. Always bitchy. I never hid feelings from anyone. You did something right. You made me strong.
    Just go on with life happy.
    You are just like me. Quit worrying.
    Kundalini Yoga.

  2. Well since I have known you for most of my life, I can say there are NO instructions on being a mother. We do the best we can and just hope for the best. We can wonder all the what IFS in life but instilling our morals into our children will always come through as they grow up. Some kids will always hold on to anger, jealousy, envy, etc and that is something they have to get over or get help with. I know what kind of person you are and you are a wonderful, caring person who has been my best friend for years. Just remember you were always there when your kids needed you and that speaks more than things.. :) Now, where the hell were you when I needed you!!!! lol j/k Love you, Linda


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