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Blueberry Pie with Mom's Pie Crust & Whim of the Moment Memories!

Happy day to you!

This is another post that is not craft related, the Rebel Blogger in me comes through again!

I love when something happens at the whim of the moment and turns out to be an awesome memory in it self! 
But even more precious is when 'the rewards' of that spur of the moment decision also creates lasting, precious memories for me!! 

The story goes like this...
Tom and I were traveling on the same ole country road we always use that takes us to our favorite fishing hole.

In front of an Amish-Mennonite home was a brand new sign...with big, bold, simple writing ~ Blueberries Pick Your Own.

We drove past it a short distance, looked at each other and both said at the same time "wanna pick some blueberries?"

So on a whim, that warm and sunny afternoon, we picked blueberries for about an hour or so.

As Tom & I picked blueberries to our hearts content, we watched the amish children play with their dog while the clean, crisp clothes that hung on the line blew in the breeze. 

My only regret was not having my camera along.

That was {Memory #1 from the whim of the moment decision}!

A couple of days after picking them,  I reserved a whole day to bake blueberry pies. 

In my opinion, with the abundance of summertime pies, blueberry is right up there at top!
You haven't tasted a blueberry pie until you've eaten one homemade with fresh, local fruit and the pie crust from scratch is a must!

I love my mother's pie crust recipe, it is so easy to work with and is so crisp and flakey!

A good blueberry pie should be packed to the brim with plump, juicy berries, the flaky and buttery crust barely able to contain the jewel-like bounty

For a fresh blueberry pie, I think it's worth it to buy blueberries from the farmers market or even better yet - pick your own. 
The flavor is so much better then either frozen berries or berries shipped across the country.

Well, back to my story...
On the day of my baking, Tom left to meet some of his family members at a local restaurant for their monthly get-together. 

It was about 3 in the afternoon, I had just one more pie to bake, when I got this whim of a notion to invite his family (6 people) over for blueberry pie!

What in the world was I thinking...
The kitchen and myself was a total disaster! 
I was up to my ears with flour here, flour there, every ounce of counter space and the kitchen table was covered with baking stuff!
My colorful apron was even white with flour! 

Needless to say, it all worked out.
I had the kitchen all cleaned and took a shower in record time to receive my guests! 

Topped with Edy's Vanilla Bean ice cream that Tom picked up on his way home, my blueberry pies were well received and a huge hit!

My 2nd spur of the moment idea created some well deserved time spent with family in my home and was a precious gift to me!

That was {Memory #2 of the 'rewards' from the spur of the moment decision to pick blueberries}! 

Okay, so here is my recipe for a classic, old fashioned, blueberry pie - no frills, no secret ingredients, just blueberries in all their summary glory!

Filling: {makes one 9 inch pie}
4 cups blueberries
1/4 cup white sugar
1/3 cup brown sugar
{Use more sugars if your berries are very tart}
1 1/2 tablespoons cornstarch
{Use more cornstarch if your berries seem very juicy or you prefer a more firm pie filling}
1 1/4 tablespoons chilled butter - cut into pieces
3 tablespoons lemon juice
Zest from 1/2 lemon
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon vanilla

In a large bowl, gently mix blueberries, sugars, corn starch, lemon juice and zest, cinnamon and vanilla. 
Then add the cut up chunks of butter into the mixture. 
Let the berries sit on the counter while making pie crust.

Mom's Pie Crust Recipe: {makes 4 pies!}
4 cups flour
1 3/4 cups chilled shortening {I use butter flavored Crisco sticks}
1 tablespoon sugar 
2 teaspoons salt

Combine above ingredients in a large bowl with a pastry blender, only until crumbly. Mixing to much will make the crust tough. It's okay to have chunks of shortening!

In a small bowl mix together with a fork:
1/2 cup ice water
1 egg
1 tablespoon white vinegar

Then add to the flour and shortening mixture, cut in with the pastry blender just until combined. 
Like I said, it's okay to have clumps of shortening!
Form it into a disc, wrap with plastic wrap and chill in fridge for about 30 minutes.  

Preheat oven to 350 degrees...
Roll out chilled dough on heavily floured surface with floured rolling pin to 1/4 - 1/3 inch thick. 
Spray pie pan with cooking spray. 
Place pie pan upside down onto dough then carefully flip both right side up. Gently shape dough into pan and cut away extra dough around edge with butter knife.

Now it's time to add the blueberry mixture.

Roll out some more pie dough and cut into strips for the lattice on top of the pie. 

Place the pie onto a baking sheet {to catch any drips} and bake for about 45 minutes, until the crust is golden brown and the juices are bubbling. 

Remove from oven, let cool for a least 4 hours before serving.

Serve with vanilla bean ice cream or whipped topping and enjoy.

I love those last few spoonfuls of sweet berry juice, especially if they are mixed with a little melted ice cream!

Till next time,

x's & o's
aka The Rebel Blogger

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